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Vito Acconci / Acconci Studio_

Artists' Talk:
Tuesday October 4 6:30 pm

Projects on View:
October 4–15


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Project 01
+   Bad Dream House , 1984. Installation view, MIT.

Acconci Studio founder Vito Acconci is one of the most important figures in art and architecture working today. From his days as a poet in the mid-’60s to the groundbreaking performance works of the ’70s to the founding of Acconci Studio in 1988 to help realize architecture and public-space projects, Acconci has pushed from one discipline to the next while always thinking about language and the boundaries of the body.

The method of Acconci Studio is on the one hand to make a new space by turning an old one inside-out and upside-down; and on the other hand to insert within a site a capsule that grows out of itself and spreads into a landscape. They treat architecture as an occasion for activity; they make spaces fluid, changeable, portable. They have recently completed a person-made island in Graz, a plaza in Memphis, a gallery in NY, a clothing store in Tokyo; they are currently working on a building façade in Milan, a park on a street median in Vienna, and a skate park in San Juan. A survey show, Vito Hannibal Acconci Studio, is traveling now through Europe.

+   Personal Island , 1992. Installation view, Zwolle, Netherlands.

+   Park up a Building , 1996. Installation view, Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

+   A Skate Park that Glides the Land and Drops into the Sea , 2004. Digital C-print, hand annotated. San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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