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The Center for Advanced Visual Studies is a community for contemporary art in the School of Architecture and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. More_
Damon Rich will moderate a panel at MIT Museum on the mortgage crisis in conjunction with Red Lines, Death Vows, Foreclosures, Risk Structures. More_
"The idea of 'engineering chance encounters' is very popular today in both architecture and urban planning -- if you somehow plan people’s courses so they’ll bump into each other, imaginative thoughts that would not have occurred to them otherwise can and will. One thing about university life is the siloization -- like grain silos -- where everyone is so over-taxed looking after their own turf it's very hard to look across to the next silo. Universities need to build organizations that counteract the effects of siloization. And for the MIT campus, CAVS does that in a way that is efficient and wildly productive. The arts are the draw, but a very interesting cross-section of the MIT intellectual life attends those events.”

Bill Arning, Curator,
List Visual Arts Center
Hope Ginsburg presents IAP Center Sponge, a five-day experience in total immersion. The event ends with an exhibition at the Center. More_